Solicient Inc.


Solicient is the developer of T.he H.T.E., an  
amalgamation of networks, software, and systems used to create a trust and transparency enforced ecosystem where peers, industry, and municipalities may effectively collaborate

What is T.he H.T.E.?

Think of your smartphone; it has several apps. Some of those apps came with your phone, while 3rd party developers created others. Imagine if those apps could communicate with one another, using your phone as the medium. The Total Hybrid Trust Ecosystem (T.he H.T.E.), like your phone, is that medium. However, instead of a handheld device, it’s a global platform. Rather than small apps designed specifically for your phone, apps developed for the community are for industry, consumer, and government solutions.



Industry Connectivity

Similar to a platform, T.he H.T.E. reduces cost and build-time by providing a standardized foundation upon which to build; however, that’s where the similarities end.

Applications and software, whether existing or new build, will be able to use the T.he H.T.E. as a medium for secure communication and collaboration in addition to resource utilization.

T.he H.T.E. removes the frustration of time-consuming exchange between organizations due to system incompatibilities.

Oil companies could securely access both logistic and manufacturer data to ensure they’re purchasing equipment within the optimal vicinity and cost of their drill locations. Farmers could access data directly from GPS cattle tracking systems to create consensus with their agricultural programs and develop data trends between plant growth and feeding.

The significant part about T.he H.T.E. is that you can share everything, some things, or nothing at all, as everyone’s build is independent.

Community Development

As described by Andrew Carnegie, “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to obtain uncommon results.” T.he H.T.E. promotes exactly that; similar to creating communities in a natural ecosystem.

Developments within, or added to the ecosystem can operate independently; however, it’s real strength derives from its ability to foster communities. Similar to communities within a natural ecosystem, composed of independent developments, interacting together within a neighborhood, business, industry, or government, or even groups comprised of groups. These groups can choose to function alone, or interact with others, as a whole.

(Internet of Things)

The digital age has provided us with smart homes, smartphones, and smart assistants; however, a lot of these devices aren’t smart enough to communicate with one another. To resolve this problem, some companies have created their own ecosystems, but what happens when these ecosystems aren’t compatible? Should you have to replace your $200 smart scale and $400 smart speaker, simply because you changed your $900 smartphone? T.he H.T.E. isn’t designed to trap someone into a proprietary ecosystem, but rather provide a safe and secure location where all may collaborate; somewhat of a proverbial ‘Switzerland of the Internet”.