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A Foundation Application, RambleBox is a Live Topic-Based News & Social Portal, which promotes collaboration and functionality through our back-of-the-house “Civil Engine”, residing on T.he H.T.E., which will not only provide user with the full experience of our Portal, but access to the capabilities of the Ecosystem, creating a business-friendly, information producing, and community building digital society.

Websites are slow, and current Social Media is unreliable.

Feature Rich Social Media

Topic Based

Information distributed and viewed based on topics


Verified credentials providing credibility to the posted content

Rating System

Realtime topic ratings based upon viewer interaction


Upload photos, videos, audio, or live stream

Income Producing

Receive income from live streaming, crowdfunding or services

Browser Integrated

A widget which allows you to drag/drop and take snippets for posting or responding

Advanced Search

Search not just RambleBox but the internet without a #

Audio Posting

Post using audio to text to allow searchability

Become a curator of your own thoughts

RambleBox is a data-driven, one-stop platform to collaborate on topics which matter the most to you. It’s design and intuitive interface provides a fully immersive and captivating experience, and with it’s built-in audio recognition feature, posting on-the-go becomes a breeze.